Samstag, 13. August 2011

asian with blond hair:)

i was blond for a long time and i must say i really like it,it's fresh and trendy and make me happy but the roots suck,
i have really dark black hair so it's kind of hard to get them white like the way i want it -.- but i was finally blond :D after 3 times bleaching my hair is extreme dry and damage BUT I'M BLOND :D 

many people don't like it at all but i really love it and that's the point, i always dye my hair because it's make me happy and not because i hate my race or something like that 
nowadays there's a lot of blond asians out there and they look so nice with blond hair and it fits to them it it looks so classy and stylish :) 

remember top models like daul kim or rila fukushima the bleach blond hair was their trade marks and it looks soooooo nice on them 
have a nice weekend see you soon :)



  1. i wanna be blonde too. coz' blondes have more fun.. i had a blonde hair years ago.. oh i miss that look.. enjoy your blonde..

    following you blog now...
    hope you check and follow my blog too.

    stay fabulous and spread love!

  2. du siehst so schön mit beide, blonde und schwarz aus. es ist schwer blonde zu halten aber ich denke dass es sich lohnt.

    Cooles Blog hast du!
    Dolly, xo

  3. aw soo cute :D
    thank you :)

    danke dolly :)